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Olivier Guerreau

★ Consultant & Lecturer
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Profile An expert at your service

Thanks to his international and multisector work experience as well as his multicultural and multidisciplinary education, Olivier Guerreau performs consulting missions as well as corporate training and higher education teaching interventions. Holder of a doctorate degree in marketing and strategy, find out how his expertise in value creation can help you to significantly improve your company's performance and your customers' satisfaction. All services can be provided either in English or in French.

Services Areas of expertise

Olivier Guerreau possesses the knowledge and skills required for helping professionals to find the solutions that are best suited to their needs. All services can be provided either at the client’s facilities or at another location.


Resolving issues in various transversal areas

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • And much more...


Transforming managerial practices via effective tools

  • Value proposition
  • Customer journey & experience
  • Business & ecosystem model
  • Market shaping
  • And much more...


Learning key themes related to the concept of value

  • Defining value
  • Creating value
  • Perceiving value
  • Measuring & improving value
  • And much more...


Acquiring essential skills in marketing

  • Understanding fundamentals
  • Analyzing the market
  • Developing a strategy
  • Designing an offering or brand
  • And much more...

Consulting Step by step

Each consulting mission is unique and takes place in several clearly defined steps. In order to make sure that the final outcome meets his clients’ expectations, Olivier Guerreau also draws on the research work conducted by academic scholars who are renowned in their field of expertise.


  • 1) Needs analysis – Assessing the client’s general context and identifying the issues to resolve
    2) Mission proposal – Describing the mission’s objectives, methodology of intervention, and timetable

  • Olivier Guerreau

  • 1) Information collection – Gathering information from different stakeholders (interviews, documents…)
    2) Situation analysis – Using academic models and practitioners’ methods for evaluating thoroughly the situation

  • Olivier Guerreau

  • 1) Solution search – Taking into consideration research conducted by academic scholars for finding solutions
    2) Recommendations presentation – Writing a report and making a visual presentation of the intervention’s conclusions

  • Olivier Guerreau

  • 1) Action plan execution – Assisting the client in the implementation of the selected course of action
    2) Intervention evaluation – Evaluating achieved results at the end of the intervention and measuring client satisfaction

  • Olivier Guerreau

Training & Teaching Some examples

Olivier Guerreau performs different types of interventions within companies and institutions of higher education. He already presnted various management tools for resolving different kinds of issues in business symposiums and seminars. He also already designed and taught numerous training modules for professionals enrolled in continuing education and numerous courses for students enrolled in initial education.

Solutions Customized services

Olivier Guerreau’s vocation is to help professionals to grow extensively their activities by finding solutions that are best suited to their needs. All services can be provided either in English or in French.


    Performing customized missions in different ways: one-time or periodic interventions as an external consultant, regular assistance as an outsourced manager, partnership...


    Designing customized modules and teaching them through different formats: face-to-face (at a specific location), online (via a platform), hybrid (face-to-face + online) ...


    Creating customized courses with different types of teaching materials: visual presentations, videos, articles, case studies, teamwork, exercises, homework, exams, corrections...


    Setting up customized sessions for different kinds of clients: helping start-ups and other companies to launch and/or finish off projects, preparing students for exams...

Fees Different options

Depending on the support solution that was selected, Olivier Guerreau proposes different billing options to choose from. Other options can also be considered according to your objectives and expectations.


    Customized missions
  • Depending on the type and
    duration of the mission:
  • Hourly rate
  • Daily fee
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Retainer + success fees

    Customized modules
  • Depending on the following factors
    to take into consideration:
  • Type of training intervention
  • Duration of training
  • Training materials
  • Number of participants

    Customized courses
  • Depending on the following factors
    to take into consideration:
  • Academic level of course
  • Duration of course
  • Teaching materials
  • Number of students

Background Some references

Thanks to his extensive work experience in management, marketing, sales, international trade, consulting and training in different countries, Olivier Guerreau acquired solid knowledge and skills that enabled him to find solutions suited to the needs of all the professionals whom he worked with. Do not hesitate to view his detailed profile on LinkedIn so as to learn more about his background...

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